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Dialogue: Capsized By Charity with Oliver Adamson

*Disclaimer*: I was having some technical difficulties with the audio on my end. You will hear a subtle click in the background when I am talk, I apologize. In this episode I speak with Ollie from https://libertyquill.com/ and we talk about his most recent article: Capsized by Charity. We talk about what charity is, misconceptions, and how to become a more charitable person.

Monologue: A Motivating Exchange

In this episode Jordan discusses the concept of Motivational Interviewing, a therapeutic modality developed by psychologist William Miller and Stephen Rollnick. If you want a new tool in your toolkit for persuasion and negotiation, MI is essential.

Dialogue: A Couple of Bad Romans

In this episode, I speak with Craig, host of The Bad Roman Podcast. We talk about theology, the state, Christian Anarchy and lockdowns. Find Craig at http://www.thebadroman.com
In this episode Jordan discusses a powerful framework for change, called “The Transtheoretical Model” or more commonly known as “The Stages of Change”. Developed by Doctors James Prochaska and Carlo Diclemente as a new way to approach addictions treatment.

Out Take: All Justice, No Peace

In this episode, Jordan discusses recent current events in regards to the Black Lives Matters protests, police brutality, riots, and racism. How do these topics relate to peace and violence and how do we approach them in a nonviolent way.

Dialogue: The Palestinian Plight

Today I speak with Dylan Ferris from The Pali-Peace Podcast. We discuss the conflict in Israel and Palestine, the Israeli occupation, the origins of the state of Israel and how the ongoing conflict could be resolved peacefully.

Monologue: To Begin All Wars

In this episode I discuss the corporate media’s complicity in war and overseas conflicts. We will dive into how they manipulate, and cheerlead for misadventures overseas.

Dialogue: The Nova Scotia Massacre with Skyler Swaim

*Adult content warning* This episode contains violent themes and explicit language. This may be one of the most important episodes of The Peaceful Way yet. I am joined by my brother, Skyler, to discuss in detail the horrific events that took place in rural Nova Scotia on the night of April 18, 2020. Canada experienced it worst mass shooting event in its history carried out by Gabriel Wortman. We also discuss how to reduce violence in active shooter situations and our thoughts around what government policy should be in these scenarios.

Out Take: Compassion Culture

In this episode I respond to a twitter question about my thoughts on “Cancel Culture” and the #cancelcanadaday. This is an unscheduled and unscripted episode of me riffing on current events.

Monologue: A Language For Life

In this episode, Jordan covers the concept of “Nonviolent Communication”, an approach to communication devised by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg that seeks to reduce hostilities between people through honest expression and empathic listening.

Dialogue: Subverting Systemic Violence w/ Sal Mayweather

In this episode I speak with Sal Mayweather (Sal the Agorist on Twitter) about Agorism and Counter-economics. We talk about subverting violent state actors not by participation, but by intentionally undermining their ability to tax and control, as well as how technology can help to decouple us from involuntary social orders.

Monologue: Peaceful Parenting For a Peaceful Future

How do we raise a more peaceful generation? It start’s in the home. In this episode of The Peaceful Way Podcast, Jordan explores the concept of Peaceful Parenting, a nonviolent, non-punitive approach to raising children. Many of these concepts are based off of the book Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham.

Dialogue: The State Against Peace w/Tim Moen

In this episode I speak with Tim Moen, leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, host of the Liberty Experts podcast, firefighter, paramedic and an all around cool guy! Tim gives us a primer on libertarianism and how it can help lead us to a more peaceful world as well as taking on personal responsibility and not falling into victimization.

Dialogue: Girard & Modern Mythology w/ David Gornoski

In this episode I take a deeper dive into modern events through a Girardian lens with David Gornoski, host of A Neighbours Choice on terrestrial radio and Things Hidden wherever you listen to podcast.

Monologue: Mimetic Theory & The Roots of Violence

Where does violence come from? What is the origin of conflict? And how did our institutions get established through violence and scapegoating? In this episode I dive into Rene Girards Mimetic Theory.

What Is The Peaceful Way?

What is The Peaceful Way Podcast? And what are we trying to accomplish? In this intro Jordan dives into the mission and vision of the podcast and the quest for a more peaceful world.

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